These are some of the most common services and repairs. If you do not see your particular problem listed below, please feel free to call or email us at 615-254-8058  or email  We have a minimum bench charge of $55.00

Hourly rate is $65.00/hour which includes: customization's, wood repair, art work, electronic wiring, hand made items, etc.


  1. Minor Setup - $69.50 plus ½ price on strings
    • Minor & Adjust on Most Guitars (Acoustic & Electric), Basses and Other Stringed Instruments (No Violins) - This is a Full Set up and Adjustment of the Instrument (Less Serious Fret Work.) This Includes Neck, Bridge, Nut, and Electronic Components and All other Adjustments-This will Generally Take Care of Most Issues Concerning Intonation, Action and Overall Playability.

  2. Complete Setup - $89.50 & Up
    • Complete & Adjust on Most Guitars (Acoustic & Electric), Basses and Other Stringed Instruments. This is the Same As a Minor Set up and Adjust but Includes A Complete Fret Dress (Level, Shape and polish)

  3. Complete Setup & Adjust w/Heat-press - $175.00 & Up
    • Complete Set up & Adjust w/Heat-press. This is the Same as #2, But for Instruments Without and/or No Adjustable Truss Rod System.

  4. Bridge Doctor Installed. - $95.00 & Up
    • The “Bridge Doctor” is Perhaps One of the Most Practical Inventions for the Acoustic Guitar in a Long Time  . If for no Other Reason, You Should Have this on Your Ax , So You’ll Never have to Worry about the Bridge Lifting off the Top, Not to Mention that it Will Correct Most of the “Warping” Without Replacing the Bridge Plate, As Well as Improving the Overall Tone and Sustain of the Instrument by Allowing the Top to More Freely Resonate. Major Guitar Company’s Like “Breedlove” use these as a Stock Item in There Guitars. This Price Does Not include any Brace or Structure Work to the Top.

  5. Compensated Bone Bridge Saddle Installed - $75.00 - $95.00
    • This is a Complete Intonation Set for Most Acoustics (Guitar or Bass). Other Materials are Available (Brass, Graphite and Fossilized Ivory) at Additional Cost.

  6. Handmade Bone Top Nut. - 6 String $90.00/$125.00-12string $125.00/$150.00
    • New Bone Nut for Most Electrics and Acoustics. Other Materials are Available - Brass, Graphite, Fossilized Ivory, at Additional Cost .

  7. Complete Re-fret w/New Nut on Most Instruments Without Neck Binding -  $299.00 & Up
    • This is The Most Basic of Complete Re-fretting (Acoustic or Electric) This is Not Only a Total Re-Fret w/New Bone Top Nut, Includes a Complete Set up & Adjust as Well

  8. Complete Re-fret w/new Nut on Most Instruments With Neck Binding - $375.00  & Up
    • This is the Same as #7 But with Instruments  with Neck Binding (Acoustic or Electric) This is Not Only a Total Re-Fret w/New Bone Top Nut, But it Also Includes a Complete Set up & Adjust as Well

  9. Complete Re-fret of Most Instruments with  Hard Finish on the Fingerboard - Starting at $499.00 with refinish
    • (Generally Maple) This Can be a Very Gray Area when it Comes to Not Only Re-fretting – But Refinishing the Fingerboard as Well-Depending on Condition and Original Finish, Prices Will Very (Prices Much Lower Without Refinishing of Fingerboard) Starting at $399.00 without finish

  10. Handmade Acoustic Bridge - $275.00 and Up
    • This is What Most Acoustics Don’t Have From the Start… An Accurate Bridge Made of the Finest Hardwoods Available w/Compensated Saddle. Old or New – We’ll Make it Right ! Minor Adjustments Included …But in Most Cases Instruments that Need a New Bridge, May Need Some Structural Work as Well

  11. Pin Block (Bridge Plate Spacer) - $55.00
    • This is a Wooden Spacer Designed to Correct the Natural Wear and Tear of the Bridge Plate and the Top of Your Guitar. 

  12. Complete Buff and Polish on Most Acoustics - $95.00 and up

    • This will Take Care of Most Surface Scratches and Dull Spots. Touch up and Dings to Finish are Extra.

  13. Complete Buff and Polish on Most Electrics - $225.00 and up
    • The Same as #14, But with a Complete Disassembly of All Hardware and Electronics, Includes a Complete Set up and Adjust

  14. Basic Refinish on Most Acoustics with Minor Repairs - starting price $895.00 &Up
    • Once again…This Can be a Grey Area without seeing the Instrument
  15. Basic Refinish on Most Electrics  with Minor Repairs - $795.00 & Up
    • New Hardware, Electronic Components, and Customizing  are Extra
  16. Most under saddle or bridge plate single pickup systems installed - $95.00+
    • using existing saddle and no bridge work needed
  17. Most under saddle or bridge plate duel pickup systems installed - $145.00 and up  
    • using existing saddle and no bridge work needed
  18. Complete Bridge re-set - $125.00
           *  Remove and reset most acoustic bridges. This does not included repair to top or braces.
  19. Acoustic Brace re-set - $35.00 each
           * Loose or cracked brace to be re-set.
  20. Acoustic body dry cracks or splits - $150.00 to $200.00
           * Generally dry cracks require hydration to return wood to original moisture content. On average a single top crack (most common) with hydration and repair w/touch up.

  21. Broken Peghead - $150.00 to $175.00 on average
          * Peghead broken (but not completely separated) would be repaired and finished touched up. If headstock is completely detached then an inspection would be required.